Newfoundland and Labrador Snowboard Association
February 4, 2011 AT 2:24 pm

RBC Riders Slopestyleby NL Snowboard

The RBC Riders Slopestyle Event went off on Saturday! There was a great turnout for the contest and a huge crowd to cheer on and support the kids as they tricked their way down the course. Check out the results and a few photos from the day.

1. Caci Clarke
2. Rebecca Gould
3. Kennedy Griffin

Boys 7-9
1. Blake Humphreys
2. Remy Byrne Pittman
3. Andrew Sceviour
4. Joni Brake Gill
5. Mathew Sherlock

Boys 10- 12
1. Noah Thomas
2. Kile Pittman

Boys 13 – 15
1. Matt Banks
2. Thomas Byrne
3. Andrew Stride




Emily Pittman says :

This is so exciting! The pics are awesome! The comp was so fun!

Remy Pittman Byrne says :

I love this program. Our coaches teach us awesome tricks and the comps are sick!

Matthew Sherlock says :

This is awesome, I can’t wait for the next comp!

Caroline Swan says :

Wicked job guys and galls. You all rock

kyle says :

when will there be other comp?

NL Snowboard says :

Hi Kyle,
We have a Slope style comp this weekend for ages 14 + and there will be another RBC event March 12th.
Happy shredding

Caci clarke says :

The jumps and the rails are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!AND ARE COACH ROCKS!!!!!and I can t wait for nexts comp!

Jordan Hann says :

I really really like this program. It’s awessomee! and our coaches are awesome and they teach us some awesome tricks . im kinda sad i missed the last comp …!